Passive Skill Search Tool

This is a passive skill search tool for Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army. 日本語版のページはこちら。

See each page for Command Skills, Combination Skills, and Investigational Skills.

Name Description
Retribution Chance of heavy Almighty dmg upon death Area:self
First Aid Restores HP after battle(Raidou and self)
Regenerate Restores HP gradually Area:self
Hex High chance of countering for 1/2 dmg
Curse High chance of countering for all dmg
Endure High chance of escaping death(once per battle)
Fast Escape Allows quicker escape (must be summoned)
Money Find Increases money earned (must be summoned)
Item Find Increases item chance (must be summoned)
Quick Study Increases Exp earned (must be summoned)
Devotion Increases Loyalty earned (must be summoned)
Life Bonus Raises MAX HP by 10%
Life Gain Raises MAX HP by 20%
Life Surge Raises MAX HP by 30%
Mana Bonus Raises MAX MP by 10%
Mana Gain Raises MAX MP by 20%
Mana Surge Raises MAX MP by 30%
Hero's Might Chance of increasing Phys attack dmg
Mage's Craft Chance of increasing Magic attack dmg
Fire Boost Increases Fire attack dmg
Ice Boost Increases Ice attack dmg
Elec Boost Increases Elec attack dmg
Force Boost Increases Force attack dmg
Heal Boost Increases healing abilty
Mind Boost Increases chance of Mind ailment attack
Fire Resist Halves Fire dmg taken Can void weakness
Ice Resist Halves Ice dmg taken Can void weakness
Elec Resist Halves Elec dmg taken Can void weakness
Force Resist Halves Force dmg taken Can void weakness
Phys Resist Halves Phys dmg taken Can void weakness
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