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Frost Orochi Recipe Collection


I AM Frost Orochi.

Details of Frost Orochi.

LV 63
HP 745
MP 513
MAG 2016
St 17
Ma 27
Vi 24
Lu 14

It is locked for fusion.

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Volt Mishaguji LV50 (recipe) × Fury Shouten LV52 (recipe)
Pyro Muspell LV54 (recipe) × Pgn Gashadokuro LV48 (recipe)
Pyro Muspell LV54 (recipe) × Pgn Incubus LV51 (recipe)
Volt Oumitsunu LV55 (recipe) × Wind Power LV51 (recipe)
Volt Oumitsunu LV55 (recipe) × Fury Shouten LV52 (recipe)
Pyro Throne LV44 (recipe) × Pgn Lilith LV58 (recipe)
Pyro Cerberus LV49 (recipe) × Pgn Lilith LV58 (recipe)
Pyro Muspell LV54 (recipe) × Pgn Lilith LV58 (recipe)
Volt Thor LV61 (recipe) × Wind Kurama LV41 (recipe)
Volt Thor LV61 (recipe) × Fury Triglav LV41 (recipe)
Volt Thor LV61 (recipe) × Fury Rakshasa LV44 (recipe)
Volt Thor LV61 (recipe) × Wind Hitokotonusi LV45 (recipe)
Volt Parvati LV46 (recipe) × Fury Siegfried LV61 (recipe)
Volt Mishaguji LV50 (recipe) × Fury Siegfried LV61 (recipe)
Volt Thor LV61 (recipe) × Wind Power LV51 (recipe)
Volt Thor LV61 (recipe) × Fury Shouten LV52 (recipe)
Volt Oumitsunu LV55 (recipe) × Fury Siegfried LV61 (recipe)
Volt Thor LV61 (recipe) × Fury Siegfried LV61 (recipe)
Pyro Belial LV66 (recipe) × Pgn Nebiros LV42 (recipe)
Pyro Belial LV66 (recipe) × Pgn Gashadokuro LV48 (recipe)
Pyro Belial LV66 (recipe) × Pgn Incubus LV51 (recipe)
Pyro Belial LV66 (recipe) × Pgn Lilith LV58 (recipe)
Volt Nue LV40 (recipe) × Fury Susano-o LV70 (recipe)
Volt Parvati LV46 (recipe) × Fury Susano-o LV70 (recipe)
Volt Mishaguji LV50 (recipe) × Fury Susano-o LV70 (recipe)
Volt Oumitsunu LV55 (recipe) × Fury Susano-o LV70 (recipe)
Volt Thor LV61 (recipe) × Fury Susano-o LV70 (recipe)
Volt Nue LV40 (recipe) × Wind Sandalphon LV74 (recipe)
Volt Parvati LV46 (recipe) × Wind Sandalphon LV74 (recipe)
Volt Mishaguji LV50 (recipe) × Wind Sandalphon LV74 (recipe)
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