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Skill Thoth Recipe Collection


I'm Skill Thoth.
So... here we are. What next?

Details of Skill Thoth.

LV 38
HP 449
MP 414
MAG 1216
St 11
Ma 25
Vi 6
Lu 15
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Pgn Alice LV32 (recipe) × Pgn Okiku-mushi LV24 (recipe)
Pgn Alice LV32 (recipe) × Pgn Ghoul LV27 (recipe)
Fury Chernobog LV33 (recipe) × Fury Oni LV22 (recipe)
Wind Feng Huang LV33 (recipe) × Wind Anzu LV26 (recipe)
Fury Chernobog LV33 (recipe) × Fury Lamia LV28 (recipe)
Pgn Utai-gaikotsu LV35 (recipe) × Pgn Okiku-mushi LV24 (recipe)
Pgn Utai-gaikotsu LV35 (recipe) × Pgn Ghoul LV27 (recipe)
Pgn Utai-gaikotsu LV35 (recipe) × Pgn Alice LV32 (recipe)
Fury Yoshitsune LV36 (recipe) × Fury Oni LV22 (recipe)
Fury Yoshitsune LV36 (recipe) × Fury Lamia LV28 (recipe)
Fury Yoshitsune LV36 (recipe) × Fury Chernobog LV33 (recipe)
Fury Ikusa LV38 (recipe) × Fury Turdak LV17 (recipe)
Fury Ikusa LV38 (recipe) × Fury Oni LV22 (recipe)
Wind Ichimokuren LV38 (recipe) × Wind Anzu LV26 (recipe)
Fury Ikusa LV38 (recipe) × Fury Lamia LV28 (recipe)
Fury Ikusa LV38 (recipe) × Fury Chernobog LV33 (recipe)
Wind Ichimokuren LV38 (recipe) × Wind Feng Huang LV33 (recipe)
Pyro Gdon LV39 (recipe) × Pyro Oshichi LV23 (recipe)
Pyro Gdon LV39 (recipe) × Pyro Sati LV29 (recipe)
Wind Kurama LV41 (recipe) × Wind Moh Shuvuu LV15 (recipe)
Fury Triglav LV41 (recipe) × Fury Turdak LV17 (recipe)
Fury Triglav LV41 (recipe) × Fury Oni LV22 (recipe)
Wind Kurama LV41 (recipe) × Wind Anzu LV26 (recipe)
Fury Triglav LV41 (recipe) × Fury Lamia LV28 (recipe)
Pgn Nebiros LV42 (recipe) × Pgn Mokoi LV13 (recipe)
Pgn Nebiros LV42 (recipe) × Pgn Okiku-mushi LV24 (recipe)
Pgn Nebiros LV42 (recipe) × Pgn Ghoul LV27 (recipe)
Pyro Throne LV44 (recipe) × Pyro Pyro Jack LV10 (recipe)
Pyro Throne LV44 (recipe) × Pyro Orthrus LV14 (recipe)
Fury Rakshasa LV44 (recipe) × Fury Turdak LV17 (recipe)
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